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Sun Ray FX-1

Sun Ray Detector Electronics has been manufacturing multi-frequency in-line probes since 1997. Their design and production engineer has been designing and building probes for over 11 years which include in-line multi-frequency, stand alone as well as pulse and has designed and built pulse detectors and circuits. The popularity of these in-line probes is well known in the metal detecting industry and satisfied customers tell us their quality is second to none!

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Our Most Popular In-Line Probe

Sun Ray DX-1 Probe


  ( DFX, DFX 300, MXT, MXT PRO, M-6,V3/V3i)


Accurate "Bullseye" pinpointing on coin size targets up to 3" deep in discriminate mode - 2 1/2" in pinpoint mode!  


Light weight, waterproof/submersible 9" x 1" diameter probe mounts nicely along the Explorer's battery compartment. Very compact, ultra light switch box mounted on bottom of upper shaft makes for easy switching from coil to probe. Makes coil changes super fast as coil cable will no longer be inserted into upper shaft! Partially coiled cable reduces cable sagging while sweeping coil. X-1 gives operator ALL of the same functions as stock coil including accurate visual and audible target ID in both Smartfind & Digital mode,

non-motion pinpoint, etc.  


 Accurate approximate depth indications from tip of probe to target can be achieved through visual observation of the Whites depth gauge (although the scale will be different). Scale is explained in DX-1 instructions. Accuracy on coin size targets only. No external buzzers or lights are needed as all targets are heard clearly through your detector headphones!



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